Svet - Species: Ofenstad

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Svet - Species: Aqeth

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Svet - Species: Gerek

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At first there is a need to write that in Slovak human is called Človek. So do you think that it is all so usual now? But in about our view of what is usual every Gerek is everything but, not usual at all.

When we want to say anything about this species we need to start from the building material (literally a material). We carbon creatures are build from carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. This fellows are metallic.
Their building elements are:

Synthetic substances like polystyrene, various fabrics of silicone based … stuff or plastic.

Stones: usually they are molten silicate stone so basically it is glass. Some prefer diamonds but society marks them as "The betrayals of oil" (because off the carbon)

Metals: every know or unknown metallic substance even pure silver or iron.(but we will get to that)

Of course while gereks are, from our point of view, build out of lifeless matter their life energy is not as same as ours. Our life energy comes from, in short, changing oxygen to energy. Life energy of gereks is the energy itself. It is similar to something that we would call electric impulse. Gereks call this FLEZ (it is always written with capital letter and there is no plural, because that is the way it is).

FLEZ can be seen in eyes, joints and on every other uncovered place on their body. The colour of FLEZ is changed by mood and emotions. Gereks are considered to be totally straightforward people and you always know what is up with them. In case of gereks eyes are the truly window to their soul. But since very few people can differentiate the colour of FLEZ. To know the actual emotional state of gerek for an average person is literary impossible. FLEZ was created during a solar storm between two blue metallic atoms, and all has begun.

Metal is the key part in life of gereks it is the indicator of their social status. Gereks does not have races only social status. In some cases one gerek can be part of more social status groups. There are four social status groups Oxibot, Mobot, Enobabot and Rebot. Every gerek can be anything. Well nearly every gerek. There ares always some exceptions. And there are some gereks without metal, but they are, in short, ignored as well as some individualities, about whom in a good company no one talks about.

So lets go in an orderly fashion:

Gereks Oxibots have their body covered in bluish partially greenish metals. But blue is the dominant colour No one has decided that if they are turquoise or light blue. The case is that their cover up metal is oxidised copper. The are the high council of gereks. Maybe their cover ups was clean at the beginning, but copper plates are heavily guarded and can be accessible only at the high council communion ceremony. Gereks of the high council are heavily guarded as well. To prevent some amputation accidents thievery. The occupancy of oxibots make cover up cleaning manatee impossible.

Gereks Mobots are the sirs, and madams of the community. They are the richest or at the high ranks of society. Mayors, post masters, grand generals, magnates… Simply said mobots are the driving wheel of society.Their cover ups are either gold or platinum. Some are engraved by diamonds. (do not get confused this is not as if they have had replaced their glass parts with the diamonds they are just stinking rich … some of them does replace the glass with diamonds as the Betrayers of oil as they are but they are just disgusting). Modification of cover ups is very popular in gerek culture. It is the "manifestation of individuality". Mobots was first who started this unnatural changes. As a conclusion of their tinkering with nature a new art was created called GORTAX, which is also and mainly used by Rebots. About mobots can be said one true thing: Every gerek can be mobot it only depends on how big is your wallet.

Gereks Enobabots are servants of gods on Svet. Enobabots cover ups are like mirrors, because they are made out of pure silver and pure iron. Their brain capacities excess every gerek. Pure iron enobabots live only in temples. The temples are vacuum sealed and can be entered only by invited gereks. Other species can enter only to some temples and only in numbers of special chambers provided. Usually there are two or three chambers for ceremonies. Some temples however have up to ten chambers in dispose.
The iron enobabots live with out any movement. Iron enobabots are chroniclers of Svet from the beginning of the era when all peoples of Svet come together as one nation. Silver enobabots are attendants in temples and in the outside world they they preach about the gerek divinity. Silver enobabots are in fact Rebots who must heed their cover ups and have them sparkly clean especially when they enter the temple.

Gereks Rebots well what to do with them. There is a lot of them. It is the biggest social status group. They are the manpower of gereks. There are as colour full nature itself. Gereks with out cover ups are social included in this group even those last gereks The last gereks the scum whose cover ups are made from organic substances. Disgusting.

In the real description we do not have to forget about about the physique of gereks. Every gerek has different proportions. But there are some main differences.

Mobots two hands two feet, ordinary they have their eyes covered by a visor (we all know why)

Iron enobabots are in a shape of a pyramid around them as a cape are floating atoms of iron. From their heads wires are sticking and they are switching at will and as needed

Silver enobabots, rebots and oxibots are absolutely different in any way possible.

If a human was asked: "How would you define gereks?" The answer would be: "They are androids."


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Budem písať aj v slovenčine aj v angličtine ale uverejňovať budem len anglické verzie. Sorry English is better.

Svet (before the introduction with author)

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… straight up thinking. Hey! Good day. It is impossible for you to understand why is water flowing without understanding of its chemical composition? Off course you can understand it with out that knowledge.

Stories that I want to tell are bound to gather some are like water other are like a proton or electron in one atom of oxygen in two litters of water and some are like a swimming pool in to which rain is constantly dropping.

High abstractness and infinite possibilities. Stories should not be limited by something so small like speed of light or with that that life can only by carbon based. If we submerge in to possibility of abstract infinity noting can stop the existence of a planet on which surface things are moving by incredible speed with out creating black holes and distracting physical and natural phenomena.

The one and only problem is: "Where to begin?"

Here I will turn to you. I have plenty of ideas in every direction, but what would you like to see?

The place where the stories took place? Flora and fauna? Biology of the species of the stories? If it should be a story should it be historical? Or it should took place where ten years a go I said to myself "I will begin here."…

"I will begin here" it was not this particular words, but I started to write a story, from which I created all the other things. And even the place that I said about "I will start here" is now a remote place in the story.

But always there was this thought: "And who will be interested in this?"

So now I am here and I am asking: "Where to begin?" Because if I begin somewhere when someone would be interested in, I could go somewhere where there would be no place for chaos in ideas and spreading the storyline, but I could concentrate on one thing if it would be a see ore only one electron.

But I will slightly begin with something but tomorrow. It would be a description of people and peoples (or as I have named them cognitive species).

But I have to put all the things in to understandable format. And it is highly probable that I would publish every species individually. The only thing I would tell for now is that there are four species.

But if no one after the introduction of the species will give me and advice where to begin. I will simply begin here.

If you are still here and you will accompany me on this journey, hang on! It will go down the hill up the hill and everywhere else nut not there where it would most likely go.

When it comes to considerations, remembering and creating I have no place to consider grammar, typos and straight up thinking.

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